Tante Panlok Toge

Tante Panlok Toge. Goods that are cared for properly will last longer and easier for you every time you want to use. More efficient to keep things neat and clean in a state rather than always giving new ones. Handbags for example. Current handbag is like jewelry, the price could reach millions, even hundreds of millions. Although not as expensive as it was, it still owned handbag, let alone made from materials vulnerable to damage, such as skin, should be treated as possible. Here are tips for caring for a handbag to stay awake either.

1. When not in use, always pack hand luggage to avoid dust. Use a bag cover which is usually given from the store, or use a pillow made of soft material and natural.

2. Note the cleanliness of your hands while holding the bag. Avoid direct grasping the handle handbag with palms. You'll have to agree, the palm is one part of the body without conscious, is a part that has germs in large quantities. In addition, the use of lotions can cause the skin to look black bag. "You'd better just draped her purse on the arm, do not grip on the handle. Apit in the crook of the elbow. This way, you can avoid damage to the handle of the bag due to exposure of the lotion or dirt on the palm of the hand," explains Ticco Chandra, owner Colorwash, laundering services specialized professional bag and shoe leather to Female Compass.

3. Do not fill the bag with heavy items, because it can damage the original form. Also avoid carrying a pen without a cap or a pen that uses an automatic spring on the back, because it could accidentally remove a pen tip and stain the inside of the bag. Put pen origin, although the lid can be pierced and deforming the bag. Should be put in separate pencil box just in case. Do not also try to use the outside of the bag as writing pads, pen tip can penetrate and stain the paper bag.

4. Avoid putting the direct-care products into the bag. Lotion, foundation, cream, or other beauty products. Never know when those products to leak and ruin your bag forever.

5. Avoid the use of an expensive handbag or special if you see the weather was not friendly or will be visiting the area damp or potentially damage the bag because of weather or conditions that are not friendly.

6. Do not carry expensive handbags to a salon or a hairdresser, due care products and styling can easily attach to and damage the bag. In addition, new haircuts given chemical can also attach to and damage the look of the bag.

7. If your bag has a handle made of chains, make sure the chain is stored inside the bag when not in use. It is important that the chain does not damage the material on the outside of the bag.

8. When storing, you should use bubble wrap to be placed inside the bag and maintain its shape. Avoid using paper towels or newspaper because it can attract termites to breed in it.

9. Avoid using special bags to the supermarket because if you put in the cart, the cart nets can leave permanent marks or even worse, spilled food or beverages will damage the bag.

10. Ticco also suggest, that you do a waterproofing coating or bag to avoid accidents are unwanted, such as water soaked or exposed to the stain pen. Waterproofing is also easy cleaning when exposed to the fluid bag.

tante panlok toge

11. "Never use a new pair of jeans while carrying a new handbag at the same time. I most often find jeans stain on the leather handbag. This happened because the bag with the jeans that rub the skin color is still very concentrated," explains Ticco which suggested that if it happens, immediately take the bag to a professional wash bag, do not wait until the color of jeans soak into the bag for too long.

12. For bags that are stored in a closet, try to provide airflow into the cabinet, at least winds leather bags or shoes that are not moldy. Save charcoal Korea in the closet to absorb moisture, do not use silica gel or moisture absorbent because it can be spilled and even wet the bag.

13. For bags made from canvas, do not get used to wash themselves with a detergent or a brush because it will damage the original levels and even damage the network thread.

14. If stains are stubborn, try to paint the back of bags. Make sure you take it to the services of a professional coloring bags.
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Tante Girang Panlok Jakarta

Tante Girang Panlok Jakarta. The trend continued rolling and growing. There will be many items that you can only wear a few months, such as handbags made from sequins, ruffle, or from nails (stud). Not only a narrow period of usage, but the price was not cheap. Then, why not invest in a bag that you really like for a long time? Here are 5 tips to help you choose a classic bag that you like in a long time.

Note the scale
If you are a petite woman, of large-sized bags can "drown" you behind the bag. Conversely, if your body size is quite high, curved, like Beyonce, small handbags (clutch) will be "lost" in the hand and make you feel less fit appearance. So, choose a bag that size commensurate with the size and shape of the body, without excess or reduced proportionately beauty.

Note the shape
To find the bag you would love in a long time, should it mengkomplementasi needs and your body shape. So, remember the rules, the more rounded or curved body, the need to find a structured bag firmly.

Check the seams
Look for bags with a straight stitch, consistent, strong, and there are no loose threads.

Try to open and close risletingnya several times. Is risletingnya about? Is it too tight and difficult to open? Is buckle make it difficult to open? If so, look for another bag, because of small problems will be more disruptive to the front.

Avoid excessive ornamentation
The elements that look trendy today may look attractive, but, what about next season? Rather than ingested trends and useless waste of money, choose a bag that is classic, not boring, and look for high quality handbags. You can always add a trendy look with other accessories such as scarves, shoes, or other jewelry.
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Tante Genit Jakarta

Tante Genit Jakarta. Fashion era of the '70s back into the trend. Jeans model with broad at the bottom (flare jeans), canal length, jumpsuit, again popular with fashion designers and celebrities. Models in fashion modeling the fashion stage this old school style. Celebrities also do not want to lose in style with a similar fashion model. No wonder then if fans of fashion in various parts to adopt this style.

Flare jeans
Actress Zoe Saldana caught on camera wearing flare jeans. Zoe combining jeans with wide leg cut light blue, peach color with loose tops, matching the color of her bag. Choice style supermodel Claudia Schiffer is slightly different. Flare jeans blue gingham shirt pertaining to the black and white. Model Elle Macpherson, also liked these jeans model. Elle combine tight light blue shirt with dark blue jeans are broad at the bottom of the knee. Wide belt Accessories make the color brown look more chic.

Canal with modifications pants are also popular. Now more sexy piece jumpsuit. German supermodel, Heidi Klum, for example, choose brown jumpsuit, with a model of baggy pants and sleeveless tops, high necklines, with cleavage close to waist length. Accessories matching belt make Heidi look nicer.

Impression that emanated from the sexy fashion model is also favored Somali supermodel, Iman. Long sleeve jumpsuit with a long split V neckline gives the impression sexy chest. Sequin accents on giving the impression glamorous jumpsuit, plus a choice of gold color for the exotic brown skin.

Actress Katie Holmes also choose jumpsuit while attending the Milan Fashion Week. Although impressed by the simple, Katie still looks glamorous with dark brown jumpsuit. Another with the design of Marc Jacobs jumpsuit. The designer is designing a brightly colored striped jumpsuit playful impression.

Canal length
Long dresses to cover popular legs back. This loose-fitting dresses remain memorable highlight the sensuality of the body with a sexy piece. A number of famous fashion house to explore the style of the 70's this dress. Like Jennifer Lopez who chooses the 70's era gown made of sexy red Gucci. Different again with British singer Florence Welch, who wore elegant long white dress made by Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent.
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Tante Gatel Asia

Tante Gatel Asia. Do you agree, that the clothing can reflect who you are? Without realizing it, although it has been warned repeatedly not to judge a person by his appearance, but we've all done.

When it comes to professional perception, fashion can indeed make a difference. According to a survey by an administrative firm, 80 percent of workers say that clothing worn to the office can affect a person's professional image. This means that dressing modestly is a necessity if you want to be taken seriously in the work environment.

But not easy to determine which clothes are polite and not in the work environment. Different places, different selection of dress policy. Some companies in the creative field may make allowances to its employees to wear very casual clothing. But, here are some tips for clothing should be stored in the closet and not used to the office:

1. Nah fit
Clothes that are too tight to show all curves on the body is not unsightly, and tend to be too "sold" the assets of the body. Instead, clothes are a lot bigger than the size of the body, aka baggy on superiors and subordinates will make the appearance look shabby and unprofessional. Long pants too influential. If it's too "hang" so that the show socks or calf, be prepared subject to taunts from a friend's office.

2. Too much perfume or deodorant
There are different kinds of perfume. There is a gentle and liked by everyone, some are very specific fragrance, but can make other people are allergic or irritated. Simply apply a little perfume or deodorant on the wrist and the specific points. For daytime, wear pretty mild aroma, can select an eau de toilette or cologne. Perfume for the night only.

3. Shorts or mini tock
Actually, for the world of professionalism, showing too much skin on the feet is not recommended. Indeed, there is a creative company or a no strict rules, to allow employees to wear shorts. However, men who wear shorts to the office will look very casual or messy, while for women, who wear short skirts can be considered sexy, rather seriously. Recommended for men still wear pants and women wear skirts a little longer than the knee.

4. Jeans dirty, torn
Jeans dirty and torn is not suitable to be worn anywhere to meet people. When you decide to wear jeans to the office and was allowed to wear it, wear the right size and in good condition.

5. Cleavage
Not a wise career to show off cleavage in the office. Do not flaunt your assets to someone's office. Remember, your self-image is at stake, you know. Invest in a camisole or T-shirt across her chest in which to cover the part. Do not let men take advantage of your assets it.

6. Tank top
Memerlihatkan Too many areas of the body rather than the actions that could be considered prudent. Tank top dress is certainly not polite to wear a man. Wear a cardigan or jacket to cover your body or shoulders exposed when wearing a tank top on the inside.

7. Noisy jewelry
Lined bracelet and dangling earrings that are more suitable subject to the bar rather than worn at the office, let alone the jewelry causing a commotion. Wear the proper course. With a small pendant necklace, earrings, earrings, bracelet and ring for a more professional appearance. Keep your jewelry to travel.

8. Sportswear
Although your office is the office even the most casual, sportswear, such as yoga pants, shorts, T-shirts, not the clothes that can get you taken seriously by colleagues. If you will indeed go to the gym, wear when you are going to go there.

9. High heel is very high
High heels are very high may be too sexy to wear to the office, not to mention those shoes are not practical. Not funny, is not it, when you wear shoes like that, you stagger toward the boss. We recommend that you select the right shoe with 2-3 inches just so you're free to move without having to leave the force.
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