Tante Genit Jakarta

Tante Genit Jakarta. Fashion era of the '70s back into the trend. Jeans model with broad at the bottom (flare jeans), canal length, jumpsuit, again popular with fashion designers and celebrities. Models in fashion modeling the fashion stage this old school style. Celebrities also do not want to lose in style with a similar fashion model. No wonder then if fans of fashion in various parts to adopt this style.

Flare jeans
Actress Zoe Saldana caught on camera wearing flare jeans. Zoe combining jeans with wide leg cut light blue, peach color with loose tops, matching the color of her bag. Choice style supermodel Claudia Schiffer is slightly different. Flare jeans blue gingham shirt pertaining to the black and white. Model Elle Macpherson, also liked these jeans model. Elle combine tight light blue shirt with dark blue jeans are broad at the bottom of the knee. Wide belt Accessories make the color brown look more chic.

Canal with modifications pants are also popular. Now more sexy piece jumpsuit. German supermodel, Heidi Klum, for example, choose brown jumpsuit, with a model of baggy pants and sleeveless tops, high necklines, with cleavage close to waist length. Accessories matching belt make Heidi look nicer.

Impression that emanated from the sexy fashion model is also favored Somali supermodel, Iman. Long sleeve jumpsuit with a long split V neckline gives the impression sexy chest. Sequin accents on giving the impression glamorous jumpsuit, plus a choice of gold color for the exotic brown skin.

Actress Katie Holmes also choose jumpsuit while attending the Milan Fashion Week. Although impressed by the simple, Katie still looks glamorous with dark brown jumpsuit. Another with the design of Marc Jacobs jumpsuit. The designer is designing a brightly colored striped jumpsuit playful impression.

Canal length
Long dresses to cover popular legs back. This loose-fitting dresses remain memorable highlight the sensuality of the body with a sexy piece. A number of famous fashion house to explore the style of the 70's this dress. Like Jennifer Lopez who chooses the 70's era gown made of sexy red Gucci. Different again with British singer Florence Welch, who wore elegant long white dress made by Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent.


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