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Tante Gatel Asia. Do you agree, that the clothing can reflect who you are? Without realizing it, although it has been warned repeatedly not to judge a person by his appearance, but we've all done.

When it comes to professional perception, fashion can indeed make a difference. According to a survey by an administrative firm, 80 percent of workers say that clothing worn to the office can affect a person's professional image. This means that dressing modestly is a necessity if you want to be taken seriously in the work environment.

But not easy to determine which clothes are polite and not in the work environment. Different places, different selection of dress policy. Some companies in the creative field may make allowances to its employees to wear very casual clothing. But, here are some tips for clothing should be stored in the closet and not used to the office:

1. Nah fit
Clothes that are too tight to show all curves on the body is not unsightly, and tend to be too "sold" the assets of the body. Instead, clothes are a lot bigger than the size of the body, aka baggy on superiors and subordinates will make the appearance look shabby and unprofessional. Long pants too influential. If it's too "hang" so that the show socks or calf, be prepared subject to taunts from a friend's office.

2. Too much perfume or deodorant
There are different kinds of perfume. There is a gentle and liked by everyone, some are very specific fragrance, but can make other people are allergic or irritated. Simply apply a little perfume or deodorant on the wrist and the specific points. For daytime, wear pretty mild aroma, can select an eau de toilette or cologne. Perfume for the night only.

3. Shorts or mini tock
Actually, for the world of professionalism, showing too much skin on the feet is not recommended. Indeed, there is a creative company or a no strict rules, to allow employees to wear shorts. However, men who wear shorts to the office will look very casual or messy, while for women, who wear short skirts can be considered sexy, rather seriously. Recommended for men still wear pants and women wear skirts a little longer than the knee.

4. Jeans dirty, torn
Jeans dirty and torn is not suitable to be worn anywhere to meet people. When you decide to wear jeans to the office and was allowed to wear it, wear the right size and in good condition.

5. Cleavage
Not a wise career to show off cleavage in the office. Do not flaunt your assets to someone's office. Remember, your self-image is at stake, you know. Invest in a camisole or T-shirt across her chest in which to cover the part. Do not let men take advantage of your assets it.

6. Tank top
Memerlihatkan Too many areas of the body rather than the actions that could be considered prudent. Tank top dress is certainly not polite to wear a man. Wear a cardigan or jacket to cover your body or shoulders exposed when wearing a tank top on the inside.

7. Noisy jewelry
Lined bracelet and dangling earrings that are more suitable subject to the bar rather than worn at the office, let alone the jewelry causing a commotion. Wear the proper course. With a small pendant necklace, earrings, earrings, bracelet and ring for a more professional appearance. Keep your jewelry to travel.

8. Sportswear
Although your office is the office even the most casual, sportswear, such as yoga pants, shorts, T-shirts, not the clothes that can get you taken seriously by colleagues. If you will indeed go to the gym, wear when you are going to go there.

9. High heel is very high
High heels are very high may be too sexy to wear to the office, not to mention those shoes are not practical. Not funny, is not it, when you wear shoes like that, you stagger toward the boss. We recommend that you select the right shoe with 2-3 inches just so you're free to move without having to leave the force.


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