Tante Seksi Girang Jakarta Asia

What would you feel if the husband suddenly gives a set of underwear? Happy and feel sexy? Not only you feel sexy when receiving in the underwear, he must have felt tempted to approach you. But beware if he's bought you a brand underwear LindeLucy. Because he can always monitor your presence everywhere.

A clothing company in Brazil, LindeLucy recently released its newest product called "Find Me If You Can". Any product, which consists of a bra, up straps at the thigh, even a teddy bear, equipped with a GPS system for a tool called a pager. This tool is able to provide a point location of the woman wearing lingerie online.

As reported by the website of Yahoo, the designer clothes in this, Lucia Iorio says that the collection has become a means for women to challenge the (tempting) partner in order to find her through an online presence. The new man could find a partner who was wearing underwear this if he gave the password GPS. The woman can freely turn off the tool anytime he wanted. It can only be sought if he wants it, and give the password. LindeLucy currently marketed in Brazil with a price range between 800-1100 dollars.


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