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Tante Cantik Girang Jakarta A pair of jeans is one that you can wear pants when you're relaxing or semi-formal. Not surprisingly, this is one outfit that always exist in every wardrobe. Still, just jeans are most often used not as much as the amount owned pants in the closet. Search jeans that make the wearer look attractive continues. Last year, the famous manufacturer of jeans, Levi Strauss held a survey of women to delve deeper into what the problems in women when choosing jeans. What were the results?

"Many women can not find jeans that are perfect for him. Levi's has been making jeans since 1873, initially only for men. Then the women began to use a pair of jeans owned by a spouse or brother man. Then were created the jeans for women around the 1934's. However, until now, still there are complaints from women that it is hard to find jeans that is right for them.

In a global survey conducted in 60 thousand women around the world, Levi's found that;

* More than half of respondents (54 percent) tried at least 10 pairs of jeans before finding the right one and buy it.
* Most respondents (87 percent) wish they could find jeans that are better than they have today.
* As many as 67 percent believe that the jeans are designed for those who have the ideal body shape.
* Only 28 percent of respondents who believe that the jeans are designed to fit with their body shape.

Eden described by Bunag, Country Manager of Levi's Indonesia, said the unpleasant issue when choosing a pair of jeans, among others;
* Muffin Top
When you wear jeans that are not appropriate where the waistband and pin at the bottom of the stomach and cause stomach out of the pants waistband. As a result, the fat in your lower abdomen sticking to sag.

* Hungry Bum
It is a condition when the pants are not big enough to sustain and accommodate the buttocks, so that the middle fold of the buttocks as if "swallow" pants. Someone has to manually pull the pants that go in between the folds of the buttocks.

* Sausage Casing
When you use the pants do not fit that contours to your foot condition, sausage casing can occur. When your thighs do not fit on the pants, so that from the outside, looks at the proportion and discomfort in the thigh due to the size and shape of the pants are not suitable for you.

* Gaper
Are not you upset when sitting, your jeans as if "open" in the back of the waist? So that "piggy bank" in sight. As a result, you have to stand for a moment, lifted his pants, then sat back carefully so as not to reopen the section.

* Butt Crack
It is a condition when your pants are too low to show the folds of the buttocks. Uh, very embarrassing! Usually occurs while sitting and wearing pants that size does not fit.

* Underwear Exposer
Much like the butt crack, these events when the back of your pants down and showing panties. No wonder companies are now producing a pair of underwear in the rear V-shaped, in order to provide flexibility for the wearer during the move.

Meanwhile, according to Elvara Djandini, socialite and fashion stylist artist, "Indonesian Women tend to have big hips, a rare Indonesian woman was hipped. Very rarely a straight body like a model on the catwalk." Therefore, it is difficult to find jeans that are sold bulk that can please all women. So, when you still have not found the right pair of jeans, do not be afraid, a lot of women out there who have the same problem.


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