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Weather is very erratic lately. From hot, overcast, rain, up to high winds. There's a good idea to always carry an umbrella everywhere. So that still looks nice and warm during cold weather, jackets are the most appropriate choice to invest in clothing today. In order to look chic, find a jacket that is suitable for your body shape. Like what exactly?

Curvy body shape
Look for a semi kaket fit body, a little narrow but not tight fit body at the waist curve. Make sure the narrowed section is enough to cover most of your buttocks. Jacket with belt could also be a material consideration.
Avoid: cropped jacket and a buttoned to the neck.
Do not forget: Always looking for a single-breasted, do a double-breasted (piling up in front). Look for the buttons below the chest. Make sure the pieces are very simple. Select Lapel (leaf collar) a thin jacket, and not too wide. See examples on Penelope Cruz in the photo.

Small shoulder
Look for a fitted jacket cut. Do not choose a soft shoulder or a "fall".
Avoid: Sleeve is decreased and the seam that ends before the edge of your shoulder.
Do not forget: Jacket with defined shoulders will give structure to the shoulder. Choose a jacket with a seam that ends right there at the end of the shoulder, do not be ended or originated far from the edge of the shoulder tip. Shoulder pad is small could be an option.

Boyish body frame (straight)
Find a jacket that fits the body, with medium length and narrow at the waist. Jacket with belt detail could be an option.
Avoid: The jacket that gives the impression of a box, rigid structure.
Remember: Try to select a style peplum, which is a wrinkle in the middle, so that the bottom rather inflated to give the impression of an hourglass silhouette.

Big shoulders
Look for long-sized jackets and soft and not too structured which helps reduce the attention to the shoulders.
Avoid: The jacket of the shoulder is too narrow, like a large breasted jacket, pockets on the chest, or detail on the shoulder.
Remember: Try to select a dropped kimono sleeves or a jacket to soften the shoulder shape. Choose a jacket with V neck shape, Lapel (collar leaf front) small, shawl collar, and single breased (not accumulate). If your hips are small, choose a jacket with pockets at the bottom to balance the shoulders.

Small Breasts
Look for jackets that fit the body and narrows at the waist. Search or double-breasted jacket with a belt. Shrunken jackets (reduced in size) that fits in the waist will look good to create a silhouette.
Avoid: Jacket with plaque closed or buttoned to the neck.
Remember: Use draping, pockets on the chest, seam to increase the volume on the chest will help, the neck or high collar can be an option. Find a jacket with feminine details, like the hands of Puffy (a little volume and wrinkle) can be selected.

Petite figure
Look for styles that small, clean, cropped, or the body fit.
Avoid: Jacket length, double breasted, or excessive detail.
Remember: Cropped jacket will focus on the part of your waist. Always choose single breasted style (no overlap). Choose a jacket with 1-2 buttons. Find a jacket with Lapel (leaf collar) that the thin ends just above your waist.


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