Tante Cantik Kesepian

Tante Cantik Kesepian. Use of the brooch "conventional" or simply placed in one corner of the clothes are prone to make users look older than actual age, even look boring. Try the following four alternatives to make it look more attractive brooch on clothing:

If you have some kind of rock-shaped diamond brooch, gather on the left or right side of your chest. Collection of brooches with attractive color coordination can make the clothes you wear look more prominent and attractive. Make sure there are not too many.

unifying cardigan
Got a knit cardigan from materials whose size is actually too big for you and want to be more fit body? Use a brooch is large enough to unite the two parts of your cardigan as seen in the picture.

hair ornaments
For those of you who have fairly thick hair and like to set it up with a bight (updo), try using a small brooch in lieu of hair ornaments. Only with this little trick, you can create the appearance of hair bun up looks more sweet and neat.

Enhancer ornaments on the dress
In simple dress, add a beautiful brooch on one side of your waist and create an instant impression of elegance.


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