Tante Girang Cakep Jakarta

Tante Girang Cakep Jakarta. Underwear is the foundation of your appearance. When the underwear is not comfortable (greatness or smallness), you would certainly upset all day. Conversely, if you are beautiful and comfortable underwear, you will definitely be more confident.

Well, in between your lingerie collection, you also need to buy a model can please mate. No need to imagine is too wild, such as the V-strings (or so-called G-strings in men) are transparent, berjaring-nets, or full lace. In general, expect just a simple man, but still look sexy. Here are the best type of lingerie that men need to be owned by women.

1. Boy shorts
Boy shorts, panty that covers the entire hip and part of the stomach, it is more pleasant, comfortable and sporty. Pants in this way identify who you are easy going and down to earth. Like a plain white T-shirts, boy shorts can be worn with anything, becoming the core of the perfect outfit. However, the men said ya, do not wear it all the time. Every now and then replace it with ...

2. Bustier with garters
Bustier and garter, or elastic straps that connect to the socks, is a type of underwear that would show the sexy side of yourself. About the color, it's up to you. Can be black or white lace, or whatever your favorite color. It's a bit complicated for everyday wear. Therefore, use it when you as the depth when you attend a special event. This underwear is equal to the sexy red dress that you have in the cupboard, which you only wear when attending a special event with the him. Do not put it too close, yes. Because the he should take it off in time.

3. Black thong
Thong underwear is a part of a wider waist than the V-strings. Thong suitable for use with any clothes, but it will be perfect when you wear a dress or pants (as it will not show a panty line on the buttocks). Wear when you go out at night, and select the black. Dress or pants you are free of a panty line on the buttocks will make him curious. He will soon want to come home and discover what's in your dress.

4. Cheekies
Cheeky pants size in the middle, between the boy shorts and bikinis. Cheekies is usually made of lace material really makes you look soft, sexy, and adorable, no matter what shape your body. You can make it pretty or sporty, depending on how you memadupadankannya with bras, tops, or a baby doll. In short, underwear cheekies is versatile in whatever mood condition.

5. A matching bra and panties
To look sexy, and can build up fantasies to yourself mate, you should not be dressed up in corsets, stilettos and a whip. Appearances like this are sometimes just beautiful seen in the film. It would be better if you make it simpler. For example, by wearing a matching bra and panties. For that, buy a bra and panties that had been provided a pair. If you have an animal print panties with a sexy, do not pair it with a lacy white bra. Better, save the two goods.

6. Anything that is red
Red is the color of love because it will send a cursory impression of sexy and dominant. Therefore, you are also obliged to have a red underwear. Type can be anything: bikini, camisole, baby doll, bustier, sleepshirts, panties, and so forth.


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