Tante Girang Muda Kesepian

Tante Girang Muda Kesepian. Pleated pants or pants with pleated front is a hot item at this time. To master how to use it, consider the following tips.

* Look for pants with stitching and a nice piece. Minimal quality pants will look bad when worn. These pants come in various forms of the classic, cropped (all calf), until the model paperbag (and newfangled high-waist belt). Pants have pleated at the waist is a little loose at the top and smaller at the bottom.

* Make sure you buy pants that fits in the body, not the greatness or smallness. Large pleated pants will make you look fatter. While narrow to make the pants looked like skinny pants.

* The fat should avoid the use of calf-length pleated pants. This will make her body getting fatter. We recommend that you select all your ankles pants with high heels and matching skin color in order to foot the ladder.

* Pleated pants have a mandatory rule, ie you must memadankannya with a boss that is inserted into the pants. With so clear cut pants. Even so, if you like the style of messy, you can wear tops that rather long, but one side is inserted into the pants.

* We recommend you select a boss who does not have the accents at the waist like a narrowed waist with a belt or your boss. This is important because you will put your boss into the pants. You do not need the hassle above the waist.

* The fat should be added garments such outcomes cropped jacket to cover the exposed belly. Another option is to select a boss who made a bit stiff like a shirt or blouse material. Avoid socks that are too attached to material to the skin.

* Accessories are fit for pants like this is a nice leather belt. Have a leather belt with good quality because the belt will be exposed when your boss is inserted into the pants. You can choose which model or models braid plain.

Pleated pants can also be worn by some of the following style options:

Girly. Add frilly pastel-colored top or ruffle on the pants and high heels to wear the same color.
Lady: Create a softer pleated pants with satin blouse aid and beautiful clutch.
Polished: Wear a shirt, messenger bag or Satchel and oxford shoes. You can add a scarf if you want.
Relax: Matching pants with sailor shirt motive or motives of the exciting graphics. Together with flat shoes or Keds are comfortable.
Androgyny: Sambar socks and well-cut blazer. Complete with a color or model shoes stand out, so they can give a statement.


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