Tante Girang Hot

Tante Girang HOT. Patterned dress makes you look not boring. However, one select the motive can be fatal. Choose the appropriate body shape motives, yuk!

Floral: The little should choose a soft florals. While the height is more suitable wear flashy flower motifs are paired with outerwear (cardigan, jacket or vest). The pear body with large breasts wearing florals most fitting into small because large flowers can make the body look much bigger in the waist or chest.

Stripes: motif horizontal line is a good friend for her boyish body (straight), opposite the big one should choose a vertical or diagonal striped dress. The thickness of the lines should also be considered. Fitting to the line width and line contains a small body and slim fitted with a tiny body.

Abstract: The abstract motif is actually fit for all body shapes, so long as you look at the selection of color and detail. Abstract patterned dress should come up with a simple design and do not have details such as ruffles or excess beads. Choose an abstract motif with a touch of light green, blue or yellow / orange. Avoid abstract motif of red-black alloy that will make you look so "fierce". Lightweight materials most appropriate for this dress!

Polkadot: The skinny is perfect to wear polka-dot dress because it will make him seem unbiased. The fat should choose small polka dots and avoid a medium-sized polka dots that would make him look bigger. The most suitable option for the small to appear higher in the harem pants / pencil cut high-waist polka dots paired with a black shirt.

Tartan / plaid: tartan motif are large and firm fit for the slim body. While small and soft tartan will stick pretty on the body of the little or big. Even so should the body curvy avoid tartan dress and choose accessories like handbags or scarves. Body triangle can wear tartan outerwear such as jackets or short coats that filled his upper body.


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